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Bee: Sacramento considers vaccine mandate for indoor activities. Here’s what would be covered
August 16, 2021

By Theresa Clift

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg is considering a mandate requiring people to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccine in order to enter bars, restaurants, concert venues and gyms.

“I think a fair number of businesses would rather require a vaccine than be shut down again, with cases going up this way,” said Mary Lynne Vellinga, Steinberg’s spokeswoman. “The mayor will only be interested in a mandate if the business community makes it clear they support it.”

At least one council member is opposed to the idea.

“If you don’t have your card, then that business cannot accept you, so you just lost a customer,” said Sean Loloee, who represents North Sacramento. “If you’re not vaccinated, you just lost another customer.”

Loloee, who owns two grocery stores in North Sacramento, said the mandate would negatively impact small businesses especially. He said the city’s focus should instead be on educating people about the importance of getting the vaccine.

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