Sean in the News:

Letter to Governor Newsom, RE: Assembly Bill 257
August 31, 2022

Dear Governor Newsom, 

As a member of the Sacramento City Council, I write in opposition to AB 257, the “Fast Food Accountability and Standards (FAST) Recovery Act,” which imposes a 20 percent tax on restaurant food and will economically harm low-income Sacramento residents. 

I believe AB 257 does more harm than good because it is: 

  • Costly legislation that will hit workers, small businesses, and consumers.
  • Increasing food prices to fund an unelected board, usurping the power of state and local agencies. 
  • Going to force restaurants to raise prices by an average of 20 percent or close down.

The City of Sacramento has been committed to protecting the health and safety of our community while working to help local businesses and families pick up the pieces. Sacramento leaders are still actively helping to pull our constituents up from the devastating pandemic. Sacramento families are still in the midst of a historic inflationary period that is devastating family budgets.  

The wealth gap in Sacramento is widening, and folks are at their wit’s end. I hear from parents who can’t pay the bills, struggle to feed their kids, and keep a roof over their heads. I see business owners closing their doors daily because of safety concerns and economic chaos. 

As families move into some additional economic uncertainty, the last thing they need is to add a 20% tax. 

You must continue to fight for all Californians and veto SB 257 to avoid a state-imposed financial crisis in our small business community and further impacting family budgets. For these reasons, I respectfully oppose AB 257. 


Councilmember Sean Loloee

Sacramento City Council, District 2