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Sac Bee: ‘These are all Section 8’: North Sacramento councilman’s answer to poverty is wealth
November 14, 2021

By Yousef Baig

As Sacramento City Councilman Sean Loloee drove along South Avenue nearing Grant Union High School, he pointed to a small, deteriorating apartment building.

It was in bad shape. Whatever was left of the faded paint was cracked and falling off. All sorts of random household goods lined the front balconies, and a small shared courtyard was littered with either trash or more clutter.

“I’m talking to the owner of this facility right now, going ‘Hey, make it look nice from the outside because enough is enough,’” Loloee said. “He’s been making money off of this for God knows how long. Spend some money on your property.” …

The councilman sees Del Paso Boulevard, the district’s withering business corridor, as a “gold mine.” While Loloee frowns on the signs of economic despair, he also sees potential for a vibrant future. He embodies the indignation of a community that has long been Sacramento’s “dumping ground” and wants to confront decades of institutional racism and neglect.

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