Press Release:

Statement from Councilmember Sean Loloee on Right to Housing Homeless Ordinance
November 17, 2021

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Last night, the Sacramento City Council deliberated on a Right to Housing Ordinance proposed by the mayor. The proposal, as introduced, would require persons experiencing homelessness who have been offered two forms of shelter or housing to accept one or be moved from their site. Despite varying viewpoints, I found the conversations to be fruitful.

During deliberations, I made it clear that any solution to tackle our growing homelessness crisis should include significant investments in mental health and rehabilitation facilities, as well as comprehensive collaboration between the City and the County of Sacramento.

I also continue to believe more candid and transparent discussions about the complexity of this issue are needed. Conversations around solving our homelessness crisis are often too one-dimensional and strictly focused on affordable housing.

I look forward to continued discussions with my colleagues and the community surrounding this issue and am hopeful we can make more meaningful strides towards solving this problem in the immediate future.